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Streaming Analytics With Ibm Streams Acontinuous Insights


Turn data-in-motion into solid business opportunities with IBM Streams and let Streaming Analytics with IBM Streams show you how. This comprehensive guide starts out with a brief overview of different technologies used for big data processing and explanations on how data-in-motion can be utilized for business advantages. You will learn how to apply big data analytics and how they benefit from data-in-motion. Discover all about Streams starting with the main components then dive further with Stream instillation, and upgrade and management capabilities including tools used for production. Through a solid understanding of big in motion, detailed illustrations, Endnotes that provide additional learning resources, and end of chapter summaries with helpful insight, data analysists and professionals looking to get more from their data will benefit from expert insight on:

  • Data-in-motion processing and how it can be applied to generate new business opportunities
  • The three approaches to processing data in motion and pros and cons of each
  • The main components of Streams from runtime to installation and administration
  • Multiple purposes of the Text Analytics toolkit
  • The evolving Streams ecosystem
  • A detailed roadmap for programmers to quickly become fluent with Streams

Data-in-motion is rapidly becoming a business tool used to discover more about customers and opportunities, however it is only valuable if have the tools and knowledge to analyze and apply. This is an expert guide to IBM Streams and how you can harness this powerful tool to gain a competitive business edge.

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