Precision Marketing Goals: Converting Every Marketing-Qualified Lead Directly into Sales

The goal of every Marketing effort: To generate Marketing Qualified Leads and eventually shorten the Sales cycle. That’s the power of Precision Marketing if employed properly in your current MarTech stack.

Have you ever thought about directly turning your MQLs into Sales? Yes, that’s now possible with Unica’s all-new v12 Cloud platform that features some of the most advanced Marketing Automation and Offer Management applications.

One of the best-known Marketing Automation platforms, Unica, is back with a bang. In its new shiny reincarnation since joining HCL Software, Unica has announced new customer-centric marketing features and automation tools.

In a webcast from July 2019, CMO Unica Tony Arnold bestowed heaps of praise on the Marketing community for their continued passion and support during the transition from IBM to HCL. Tony had announced that the “friendly U in Blue” is back.

In all, the new Unica v12 Cloud platform has 200 enhancements, 25 new features, 90+ native reports, 500+ REST APIs, and a highly-enriching new UI/UX. The UI/UX alone showcases the amount of work and expertise that has gone into building a world-class dashboard for real-time Personalization, Lead Management, Digital Marketing recommendations, and Opportunity detection.

In a series of virtual presentations and product demonstrations in April 2020, Unica V12.0 revealed a unique set of Marketing Automation tools and services delivering real-time personalized interaction across in-store, websites, call-centers, agency managers, point of sales, and so on.

Unica v12 Cloud is providing four MarTech products for Precision Marketing at scale. These are:

Unica Interact

Unica Interact Marketing Operations turns any real-time touch-point across a shopper’s journey into a revenue channel. Interact helps to build targeted Marketing channels to connect, engage, and covert a buyer into a loyal customer.

With Interact, Marketing teams can give the best offers at the right time. AI ML-based algorithms recognize the best offers, recommending Marketing Teams to present them to customers and fetch instant response.

Aptly named Interact, Unica’s v12 Cloud’s unique Omnichannel commerce platform not only creates real-time interactions, but also generates leads, increases conversion rates and optimizes channel operations to lower attrition.

Unica Campaign

Unica Campaign is a Campaign Management software for outbound, multi-channel, multi-wave campaign execution, and tracking.

Campaign provides these precision marketing features:

Segmentation, offer and channel assignment
Interaction history
Campaign execution using Scheduling, list generation, and output formatting.

Campaign enriches every call to action, with Centralized Offer Management (COM) configured with your existing CMS (DX, AEM, Bing, etc).

From picking assets to creating an offer template, from optimizing member’s club campaign to configuring optimization sessions for each of these members, Campaign does it all from the same dashboard in very few clicks.

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